Sweet Dreams

Monday morning, Toni takes the lead with a guitar and bass version of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams are Made of This.

Covering Annie Lennox is a heavy lift, and I was skeptical, but when the harmonies of Josh and Reina at 2:30 started to kick in, I had a big grin on my face.

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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This


Monday morning, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart’s band, Eurythmics, with their world-beating song. According to Ever-Reliable Wikipedia, Lennox claimed “The lyrics reflected the unhappy time after the break up of [their former band] The Tourists…’Sweet dreams are made of this’ is basically me saying: ‘Look at the state of us. How can it get worse? I was feeling very vulnerable. The song was an expression of how I felt: hopeless and nihilistic.’ Stewart however thought the lyrics too depressing, and added the ‘hold your head up, moving on’ line to make it more uplifting.

“Lennox also said that people had misinterpreted lines like ‘Some of them want to use you … some of them want to be abused’ to be about sex or S&M when that was not the intent.”

Thanks to YouTuber Adriano Celentano