Twice Shot The Teller Once

Leslie Nielsen starred in this television show, Police Squad, that was cancelled after six episodes. But  Nielsen had the last laugh as the characters were resurrected in the wildly successful Naked Gun films.

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Who’s On First?


Last week I had the pleasure of being one half of the performers of the classic Abbott and Costello sketch, “Who’s On First?”

I think it is the most perfect piece of comedy ever written—if your native language is English.

My colleague Adam Pisco and I performed it before an auditorium of our public international high school English Language Learner students, none who have English as their native language, and many who have come here with no English at all. They represent dozens of countries and languages.

So we were afraid we were taking a big risk, and we were afraid that the students might not be able to understand the sketch, and not be quite able to get the wordplay involved.

But I’m very happy to report, as you can see and hear by clicking on the video, that we were absolutely wrong.

Abbott and Costello Meet Shakespeare

Sometimes you’re in a restaurant, and there’s something on the menu that you know you just have to have, because it includes not only one, but two things you love, like Surf and Turf, or Strawberry Shortcake with Chocolate Ice Cream. Well, I felt that same kind of pleasure on stumbling across the above video. Two of my favorite things in the world, Shakespeare and Who’s on First are mashed up and beautifully scripted and acted by NJ actors David Foubert and Jay Leibowitz. Enjoy! And save me a slice of that Key Lime Pecan Pie with Whipped Cream . . .