Where Did You Learn To Dance?: Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds


I was so happy to learn that the year after Singin’ in the Rain was made, O’Connor and Reynolds made another movie together (sans Gene) called I Love Melvin. Here’s a great dance number from the film.

Thanks to YouTuber warnerarchive

Sitting Down On The Job: Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor


Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor dance up a storm without leaving their seats. Nice work if you can get it. Stick with it and see what they do when they finally get off their butts…

Thanks to YouTuber Vladmir Zworkin

Ménage À Trois


Thanks for all those Good Monday Mornin’s, Debbie Reynolds. We gabbed the whole night through.

Bon jour,

Buenos dias,

Buon giorno,

Guten morgen.

Thanks to YouTuber ozabbavo77