Cloudburst Crooning


Monday morning, you jump out of bed onto a lamppost  for the opportunity to make a splash.

The wonderful title song from the movie, performed and choreographed by the effortless Gene Kelly, and brilliant direction by Stanley Donen.

Favorite part: the explanation to the cop at the end.

Thanks to YouTuber ozabbavo77

Ménage À Trois


Thanks for all those Good Monday Mornin’s, Debbie Reynolds. We gabbed the whole night through.

Bon jour,

Buenos dias,

Buon giorno,

Guten morgen.

Thanks to YouTuber ozabbavo77

Important Advice for a Monday

“In the words of that immortal bard, Samuel J. Snoddgrass . . .” The best movie musical ever? I dunno. But Singin’ in the Rain is certainly my favorite.