The Argument Clinic: Monty Python


Not every Python sketch stands the test of time—they were too seat of the pants and careless for that—but even with its non-ending, this sketch featuring John Cleese is still one of my very favorites.

Revolutionary Quiz Show


Monty Python in a great sketch done live in 1982 at the Hollywood Bowl. I particularly like John Cleese’s understated Lenin portrayal.

Fun fact: John Cleese’s father’s original last name was Cheese, but his father changed it as a young man. Somehow that explains a lot to me. Cleese is correctly pronounced to rhyme with Cheese.

Thanks to YouTuber Haunting Europe

Pinin’ for the Fjords: Monty Python

One rainy night in the 1970s, I ducked into a local bar. There was the usual crowd of cops, firemen, and unemployed ex-graduate students. Their eyes were glued to the television over the bar.  But they were not watching football or baseball, but the strangest–and maybe funniest– comedy show ever to hit the American shores. I was an instant fan. We were not in Kansas anymore.