Psychic Spoon Bending With Fry And Laurie


The mysterious Hugh Laurie demonstrates his awesome psychic spoon bending abilities to the somewhat skeptical Stephen Fry. Any resemblance to psychics living or dead is purely intentional.

Thanks to YouTuber Meghan Lee

Shakespeare Master Class: Fry and Laurie


Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie in a great, funny send-up of a Shakespeare acting class.

The two of them were poking fun at a popular British television series of the 1970s where director John Barton and the young actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company, like Ian McKellen, Ben Kingsley and Judi Dench, were put through their paces.

You can reference a clip from that series here.

Thanks to YouTuber CineLad

Your Name, Sir: Fry And Laurie


Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry in one of their funniest and most Pythonesque sketches, a sketch of which  John Cleese himself would be proud.

Thanks to YouTuber onestepcloser06

Hugh Laurie Sings The Answer


Mr. Laurie’s splendid Dylan-like folk singer imitation in which he tells us “All We Gotta Do Is.”  In such trying times as these, we can only be thankful for his clear vision.

Thanks to Youtuber thereallalablue

Hugh Laurie And Stephen Fry Do A Magic Trick


Who knew that our friend from House was a magician, too? Laurie and Stephen Fry are quite funny and good, actually. Host Terry Wogan looks on in amusement and amazement.

Thanks to YouTuber Jeannine1974